Commercial Project #3

R&R Exteriors Commercial Roofing Project #3

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Self-Storage Buildings

Team Leader: Damian
Contractor: R&R Exteriors

Surface: 4725 sq ft.
Material: Ultra Ply Firestone TPO Membrane.

The Problem:

Existing roof system was found in poor condition, 5 buildings and 75 storage units were affected by leaks and moisture, storage units did not provide proper protection from the elements, this meant that almost one third of the units could not be used.

Property manager needed an immediate and permanent solution, our recommendation was to replace the old roof system with new decking and Firestone TPO membrane that was both fastened and heat welded to withstand the test of time.

The whole project took 9 days to complete the property manager was very pleased with the job quality and completion time (we had initially agreed on 10 days).

Now the property is fully operative and property manager is able to use all of the storage units and buildings.

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