Finding a Legitimate Roofing Contractor

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Finding a Legitimate Roofing Contractor

Finding a roofing contractor may not seem like a difficult thing to do. But, when it comes time to make sure your roofing contractors are trustworthy, professional, reliable and reputable, it may prove to be a little more difficult. Finding the right Oklahoma roofing contractor can easily be done by researching a few basic necessities. To start, a legitimate roofing contractor must have insurance.

That means their workers should be insured and they should have liability insurance. If someone gets hurt on the job they have to cover their employees, not you.

Hiring non-legitimate roofing contractors or having friends of a friend work on your home can not only ruin your home roof, but it could also ruin your wallet. If you hire someone with no insurance and they fall or get injured on your property while replacing or fixing your roof, they have grounds to sue you. Trust us, no homeowner wants a potential lawsuit.   

This may seem like an obvious statement but check on the reputation of your roofing contractor. See how long they’ve been in business and their reviews. There are many reasons why homeowners should check on potential roofing contractors, for one, you want to make sure they’re as great as they say they are. If a lot of customers have problems with them or have had bad installations, it’s probably safe to assume that it’s likely a possibility to happen with you as well. One or two unfavorable reviews may not be a big deal but when they have five or more, it’s time to watch out. Second, if the company has bad reviews and hasn’t been in business very long, this is a red flag. When homeowners have their roofs or windows or even doors installed, they’re usually given a warranty. That warranty may last for one to ten years.

However, if your roofing contractor closes up shop due to bad business or shady business dealings, it doesn’t matter what they promised you, they won’t be around to provide it. Sticking with roofing contractors, like R&R Exteriors that have been around for a while and built up a secure and solid foundation of customers is the way to go.

Another way to identify whether your roofing contractors are legitimate is to find out whether or not they provide details in writing. If your roofing contractors aren’t giving you any paperwork and prefer to do all the talking and very little writing, this is a red flag. Without having proper documentation in writing you have no leverage or anything to stand on but conversation as evidence.   

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